The contemporary look of abstract art.

I am Esilda Evans Corbin.  I live in Dover, New Hampshire and I dedicate my time to discovering the contemporary look of abstract art.

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My Approach

My approach to paintings has been to avoid being bound by the bonds of realism – I attempted to interpret the spirit of the subjects in nature, as a spirit can be more important than its physical details.  Abstract minimalism was used as a deliberate choice to give emphasis to a subject’s lines, to create a dynamic rhythm of images.My technique was inspired from the works of Gerhard Richter, a master with immense boldness, who used layers of colors and created ground-breaking streaking effects, to generate interaction, tension and composition.  However, I have undertaken a conscious departure from such structural approach, and mixed my own techniques and brush work, to arrive at a unique style, one that pays homage to the Richter technique, but, at the same time, aspires to provide a new and innovative interpretation, one that is inclusive of more traditional techniques. 

​Once I have visualized a work I tend to execute it relatively fast.  I usually complete a work in one or two sessions.  I start with bold and wide strokes that may appear disconnected and aimless, but are made with the anticipation of their role in the finished product.  Then I use more focused brush work to spread paint to lay a basis for the different sections, which is then worked on with various, round and /or sharp tools and other instruments.  I continue this process until the image is complete. Then I stop, and use detailed brush work to complete the image and provide the last touches that will give it an inherent unity.  At times it takes a few light stokes, at times none.  The spirit of the subject dictates the end result. 



Esilda Evans Corbin

Nothing can be more real than the abstract.