About the Artist

Painter Esilda Evans Corbin was born in Italy.  During her formative years, she lived in Tuscany and Naples.  The rich historical and artistic background of her youth, seasoned with extensive travel and recurring visits to many of Europe's most important museums, had a major influence upon her artistic taste and development.

When Esilda moved to New England she found herself away from an urban setting for the first time in a decade.  It was here that she discovered the deep impact that nature can have on a soul of an artist, and her works began to blend her urban cultural heritage with the majesty and beauty of nature.  Esilda began what has become a life-long experiment of constantly trying to balance her artistic approach to reflect the beauty of the relationship between art, man and nature.   Often, her works appear restless, in conflict between reality and dream, trying in vain to balance a world of natural beauty and man-made despair.

Through the years, Esilda has learned that neither the cold eye of objectivity nor the rose-colored view of a romantic can bring calm and finality to the tension that arises when man attempts to view, understand, and interact with nature and the world around us.   Esilda believes that any balance and understanding can only be derived if the artist, and the art aficionado through the eye of the artist, attempts to see nature from the inside out, through a visual experience that provides a rich intimacy of colors, shapes and forms.  Only this special connection, as can be experienced through Esilda's work, may give an art-lover a real and visceral experience of the way nature influences us and the way nature molds the places and the spaces that find resonance in our everyday life.

Esilda is a member of the Ogunquit Barn Gallery of Maine and the Seacoast Art Association of Exeter New Hampshire.  Her works may be seen at shows of the Ogunquit Barn Gallery of Maine and by private appointment.

Esilda Evans Corbin

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